What is a Software {{Insert Your Profession}}

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I have been a developer, architect, consultant, engineer, analyst. I do not know how to architect a house. I do not know how to engineer an engine. I do not know how to develop a building. I do not merely consult people as an expert. I do not analyze software for a living. So why all the titles, and what are the differences, and ultimately does it matter? I argue that none of the titles make any sense and they add to the confusion of not only looking for a software {{insert your profession}} but also trying to get hired to be a {{insert your profession}}. I think we should all stop with the nonsense, get off our high horses and adopt the friendlier title of Programmer.



a person who writes computer programs.

Junior Programmer, Programmer, Senior Programmer, Very Senior Programmer, Very Very Senior Programmer, and so on and so forth. The only question that matters in this case, about what you do, is automatically answered, you program. That’s it.

Let us stop stealing other professions titles. Let us stop inflating our own egos. Let us stop trying to come up with grander and grander titles just for the sake of superficially advancing in the company. Pay people for what they are worth, not the title they have.

Just for a minute, imagine a world where you actually understand what someone did in their previous job.

“I see here that you were a programmer, we are also looking for a programmer!”

That’s the world I would like to live in.




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Garun Vagidov

Garun Vagidov

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