Updating The CoreUI template

  1. Merge conflicts will happen on common files such as package.json and other angular routing and views
  2. The repository will have to be kept up to date manually by me
  3. I also have re-create the original repository under a new name as to preserve the history from previous post.

Base Repository

New Start

  1. Fork from the base repository
  2. Update logo
  3. Add tables page according to the previous post. Promptly fail, and can’t figure out the issues because the advice is to upgrade to latest, as this is not a problem now.

Upgrade to the latest version

  1. Run git remote add coreui https://github.com/garunski/coreui-angular-starter , to add the remote for CoreUI Angular Starter.
  2. Run git pull coreui master, to grab the latest version
  3. Resolve any merge conflicts and commit. My repository did not have any changes so mine were minimal.




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Garun Vagidov

Garun Vagidov

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